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Alice M. Sewall’s Journal

 Aug 4th 1880

 “Walnut Level” Near Bells Ldg., Ala. R.

 To Chestnut Ridge Near Belleville, Ala. Nov 1st ‘83

Waverly, Texas Apr. 13th 89

Page 2: (The copy I have is difficult to read, so there are several missed words.)

All common _________ days that with the hours _________ pleasure and ours descended are _________ by which we may ascend __________Faith.

How without faith would life be bearable surrounded as we are by hidden foes. What could sustain us in life’s humble woes? Like these _________ simple minds?

 Our Father Knows

“All things work together for good to them that love God and are called according to His purpose.”

 “I will take heed to my ways That I sin not with my tongue.”

 “She openeth her mouth with wisdom and in his hunger is the love of kindship.”