Friday evening, September 1st

How time flies! A few more years of toil & sorrows and we shall pass into eternity. The question that naturally arises at this moment is am I prepared for this approaching change? Am I living in such a manner that I shall be ready to give a strict account for “the deeds done in the body?” Alas I fear not! Too numerous to mention are my daily yea hourly sins. How hard it is for me to do right; for “when I would do good, evil is ever present with me.” Ah! how easily am I enticed from the path of duty by the allurements of sin & folly.

My books too of late have been sadly neglected & I fear sometimes I am going backward instead of forward in the progress of knowledge and ah this mourn__ ___ent bitterly ____ feel a sense of my ignorance, my nothing ___. Yet I might not despair for I am resolved to do better, to spend my time more profitably. What would my mother think did she know how I have been wasting my precious time since I left her? Mortifying indeed would it be to her. Therefore for  her sake, if not my own, I shall endeavor to keep my resolution.